Your Customer Acquisition Starter Package…

“How to create epic content that towers above your competitors’ mushy content”

Creating a unique and valuable piece of content can take your business to the next level. You can use this content to drive organic traffic, as a list building “lead magnet” or as the foundation of a product. In this recording Yoav describes how you can create a content that is unique, valuable and and authoritative. And you can use this technique even if you’re just starting out in your business and have no real expertise.

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“37 Emotional Benefits That Sell!”

A list of 37 very special emotional benefits linked to purchase motivation in advertising.   Derived via extensive quantitative research with thousands of consumers, a panel of psychologists and consultants who specialize in assessing emotional purchase motivation. It’s very probably the best representation of the full spectrum of human needs which can be met by purchasing a given product or service.  If you don’t know which specific emotion motivates YOUR prospect you’re almost definitely leaving money on the table!

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Want to know the REAL reason people buy things? People will only take money out of their wallet in exchange for something which fulfills a human need. And when people anticipate their human needs will be met they experience emotion. Dr. Sharon Livingston has interviewed (literally) 60,000 people about their emotional response to advertising, and formulated a VERY intriguing theory regarding self esteem and purchase behavior. This will not only change how you see advertising in your business, but your business itself. Remember: ‘Whoever Understand The Customer Best – Wins!

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“How to write powerful copy that connects with the conversation that’s going on in your customer’s mind in any niche and in just a couple of hours!”

In this recording Yoav helps a member of his ‘book marketing club’ write a very powerful piece of copy that connects directly with the conversation that’s going on in his readers’ minds – even though Yoav literally knows nothing about the niche this author is writing in. Yoav uses a technique that’s available to anyone, regardless of the niche they operate in. And it’s almost guaranteed to produce exceedingly good copy.

This technique isn’t limited to authors and can help you produce any type of copy you need. From ads to squeeze pages to sales pages.

BTW… The copy Yoav and his student wrote in this recording coupled with the great cover design have created an ‘evergreen’ seller for this particular author. And he is selling about a $1000 worth of books every month without any promotional efforts.

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How to obliterate financial shame

Many years ago, shortly after the economy tanked, Glenn did a favor for a colleague who has a very large (300,000+) marketing audience. Literally tens of thousands of these people were teetering on the verge of bankruptcy…and his colleague asked him to do something he had never really done before: He wanted Glenn to come totally clean about the near-financial-bankruptcy Sharon and he went through a few years before that. Glenn’s colleague asked very, very tough questions, and Sharon and Glenn bared their souls about what it was like to be two “brilliant business shrinks” who’d lost $2,000,000 they never had in the first place… and then, thankfully, took us through the story of their recovery. (The Phoenix did rise!). If you’ve EVER experienced any kind of financial difficulties, shame, or stopping blocks, you simply must listen to this interview!

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