Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Thanks Very Much For
Your Order – We’re
Looking Forward to
Working with You

Yoav Ezer

Please Follow the Directions Below to
Set Up Our First Email Exchange
And/or Phone/Skype Session:

  • First, please take note of and white list our private, confidential email address below:

  • Then, please open up a Word doc and answer the following questions which will help us understand how to be a better coaching team when we hit those inevitable sticking points with you. Please note this first exchange will take more of your (and our) time than any other. After this, the content and length of your correspondence will be entirely up to you:
    1. Which one of us would you like to be your primary coach? Why? We will try to accommodate you after having gone through your response in detail and reviewing our schedules, etc… but it’s important for us to know.
    2. To this point in your business life, who has been your most significant mentor, guide, and/or support? HOW have they demonstrated their support to help you get to this point? If you can’t think of a real person, please use an author, thought leader, and/or guru (besides us). Provide as much detail as you’re comfortable revealing.
    3. What are you MOST hoping we can help you accomplish? A lot of people are tempted to say “make more money”, “get to the next level in my business”, “achieve a better work-life balance”, etc…but we’re after more specifics and details. If an outside observer took a picture now, then again in one year’s time, how would they know we succeeded?
    4. Why did you sign up to work with US? There are a lot ways you could seek help to accomplish your goals. What made you chose US in particular at this juncture? (Details please)
    5. What, if any, hesitation and/or concern did you have before you signed up?It’s important that we know.
    6. What is the primary business and/or website you’d like to get started with this month, and what is your single most important question about it? (Please include the current status of your business – are you just starting up, already making sales, or a very mature business? Please provide as much detail as you can)
    7. OPTIONAL: What are you MOST proud of accomplishing in your life and/or business to this point? (Details please. This helps us understand what motivates you.)
  • Send the email with the subject line “COACHING REQUEST – DD/MM/YY”.

That’s really all there is to it 🙂 . Once you send your first email we will assign you your private coach and then you may communicate directly with him to the frequency of your coaching package and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Thursday). Sometimes we may send some clarifying questions or requests for additional information before responding formally…

We WILL NEVER IGNORE YOU! If you don’t hear back from us in the time frame above it means we didn’t get the message and you should text Glenn at 603-490-3844 or Yoav at 617-701-7220 to let us know.  Please include your name in the text itself.  (You can also feel free to friend Glenn or Yoav as a backup so you can message us at these times.  We generally check text and FB a few times a day)


  • You’ll get the most out of this if you take the time to FOCUS our exchanges on the single biggest constraint in your business and/or marketing system at any given time. It’s tempting to include a dozen URLs, try to ask us to solve EVERYTHING in your business all at once, etc….thinking you’ll get more accomplished that way. But you’ll get the BEST ROI by telling us the single most important question you have about your business at any given juncture…and let us focus on helping you with that during our exchange and/or live session. Many clients report this exercise provides extremely valuable insights even before we reply!
  • We know it would be more convenient if we let people “save up” exchanges to use later on…but we unfortunately can’t work that out. WE initially allowed people do this, but there were weeks when NOBODY emailed, then all of a sudden we’d get twenty URGENT requests all at once!  We wound up rushing through them and didn’t feel very good about the advice we gave. That’s why there are no “savesies” on emails… We hope you’ll understand! (Remember, we’re not just coaches, we run REAL businesses ourselves… we think that makes us a LOT more valuable to you)
  • If you signed up for telephone and/or Skype appointments please include your phone/Skype in the first message so we can add you to our contacts. (Glenn is 603-490-3844 and MoonDog458. Yoav is 617-701-7220 and yoav.ezer) When you’re ready for your first live appointment, include a wide range of possible times.
  • While you can’t save email exchanges, you MAY save up to SIX PHONE/SKYPE appointments per year to use at a later date, with no more than TWELVE in total “in the bank” at any given time. For maximum impact, —– save their LIVE appointments until they’ve got something particularly important to review with us in a screen share, or a particularly difficult business decision to make. But you MAY use them whenever you wish… and you MAY request one as soon as you sign up if you so desire.
  • You’ll get a lot more value out of us if you use the written word to communicate. While we WILL watch your videos, listen to your audios when they’re part of your sales process…we’ve had some clients who wanted to send us their updates entirely in video and/or audio format. The problem with this is, we’re not really watchers, we’re READERS. And it therefore takes us a LOT longer to review the information and get a sense of what the problem is. This leaves us with a LOT less thinking time to solve it. We’re therefore found the clients who do best with us send their updates in written form. This is not a 100% requirement as we know YOU may be more of a talker than a writer and we’re willing to accommodate…but you should know OUR strengths so you can get the most out of our brainpower when possible.
  • If we agree to accept you as a client, we’ll be very, very, very, very, very, VERY interested in helping you succeed. This means we’ll be thinking about you and your work between sessions and taking everything you present VERY seriously. We hope (and expect) you’ll do the same please 🙂
  • If you have any trouble with technical or billing issues, please contact our support team at

We’re really looking forward to working with you… just go ahead and answer those questions above please. You can copy and paste them into an email or just attach them in a Word doc.

Let’s do this thing!


Onwards and Upwards,

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Yoav Ezer